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About ICOR

We are producer for rubber and plastic parts and wholesaler with an extensive range of conversion parts for the van conversion market, whether you are converting a van to a camper or just converting your work van to a day van. Windows and van glass, including VW T4 windows, VW T5 windows, VW T6 windows. Additionaly we have an extensive range of other brands including Citroen, Nissan, Fiat, Opel, Ford, Vivaro, Trafc etc.

Also in our range are, for the VW T5 and T6, side sliding door steps (extra high, no light) and extra wide and extra deep rear threshold step with plugs, edge trims in various widths for the installaton of the side and rear windows. Door seals, boot seals and poptop roof seal on rolls of 50 m.

Complementary we also have unique Window Pods® camper van blinds systems from Vanshades for the models VW T5 and T6.