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Vanshades Chairs pods & the Loc8 Table

Tailgate Chair Pod For VW T5, T6

Through our experiences with previous versions of the Chair Pod, we have improved our design.

Rather than a canvas fabric bag, the new and improved Chair Pod is now a vacuum formed plastic container which will comfortably fit two Vanshades branded camping chairs.

Fitting Instructions for Chair Storage Pod Vanshades - VWT5 /T6

The box takes up as little at 110mm at the rear of the vehicle and features a magnetic lid and rubber live hinge for ease of storage and access, we have formed the product in light grey plastic to match the VW trims on the pillars of the Transporter. 

The Chair Pod can be fully installed in as little as 10 minutes.

LOC8 TABLE SYSTEM : An integrated table for VW T5 & T6 Vans

loc8 table icor

Innovative camper solution “Loc8 Table System” Table and trim to fit VW T5 and T6 Transporter.

Fed up of having a loose table rattling around your van?
Fed up of having a table that is fixed in the wrong place?

At last the answer is here with the Loc8 Table System.

A standalone camping table that’s securely stored in your sliding door when not in use. Designed and assembled in Britain, the Loc8 Table system is fitted in minutes and requires absolutely no modification to your sliding door.

There is no cutting away of strengthening beams 
and no alteration of your existing lock mechanisms; you simply remove the existing VW trim and replace it with the Loc8 Trim, reusing the existing trim clips.

LOC8 table system fixed in the side sliding door of the VW T5/T6; table safely stored away in the trim. The Loc8 Table system fits into the nearside sliding door of all Left Hand Drive VW T5 and T6 models manufactured from 2004 onwards. The system is suitable for use in both SWB and LWB models with or without a power operated door.